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Bags & Shoes Photography is an expression to showcase the product with a wide difference. Lighting, space, and prop are the best ways to bring out the actual look. Sandesh Jayakar has done a good job throughout the experience in advertising and commercial photography industry.  He knows that a product’s picture has a long way to go, as it is the only way to bring a positive response from customers, It could be ladies shoes/bags or men's shoes/bags or kids shoes/bags. 

A huge range of styles have an exclusive way of presentation, For example, flats, bellies, peep toes, boots, sneakers, and loafers are those which needs a little stuffing in the shoes to give it a proper shape and need the right way of lighting. On the other hand heels and wedges have a changed attraction where they need focus from above and sides. Keeping in mind the quality in mind helps us to provide best quality pictures which speak for themselves. So when you think about shoes/bag photography, think about Sandesh Jayakar.

He is known for his quality work and as a best advertising product photographer in Mumbai. Being expertise in this field from a decade, he is among top photographers in Mumbai, India for a product shoot. He’s been working in the advertising industry from almost a decade. Metro, Mochi, Lavie Bags & Shoes, American Tourister, Outshine Bags are some of the brands he has shot for.

If you are looking for a quick, efficient, amicable, bags and shoes photography service, kindly contact us now!


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