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Sandesh Jayakar plans, films, and edits video for some of the world's most exclusive brands. While shooting commercials for companies, he tells that explains their unique appeal. Whether clients want to highlight their products or explore new ways to express their identity, Sandesh assists them with their goal, 

Artistic Vision

Sandesh enters every project with the same consistent focus. He wants to carry out the client's vision. he assembles a superlative team to help him with this goal. The commitment to photographer-client collaboration that Sandesh and his team show produce unparalleled videos, relying on sophisticated lighting techniques and other technical alertness.

Clients and Portfolio


Sandesh has been capturing video for brands for years, impressing clients with his natural eye for detail and ability to balance storytelling with focusing on the right message. 

Fashion Photography | Bags & Shoes Photography | Home Furnishing Photography | Jewellery Photography | Advertising Photography | Stop Motion  & Video

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