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Sandesh Jayakar is a Mumbai-based commercial photographer specializing in residential and commercial interiors. His clients include architects, interior designers, developers, and brands in the Mumbai area and beyond. Sandesh's practice is marked by an acute attention to detail through every stage of the process, from the framing of a shot to the careful retouching of eyesores and imperfections. His images rely on bright whites and graphic composition for visual impact, using soft, natural light whenever possible.  During production, he takes a collaborative approach to image-making, valuing the give and take between photographer and client that is essential to any successful architectural shoot. He’s been working in the advertising industry from almost a decade. Adani, @home, Fbb, Philips are some of the brands he has shot for. Furniture has the essence to create a realistic look to the interior of a house, office or any other building. Buying trends are taking a new way in the fast-growing world, most importantly photography has an utmost presence in magazines, online selling and user manuals. excel in the field of home furnishing, decor, where we focus on the major elements to be portrayed. Being an ace home furnishing, decor, interior photographer he has given services to N number of organizations. He believes in creativity which is essential in any type of furniture photography. From wooden furniture to stainless steel furniture he has created space for all. He’s known as the best home furnishing photographer in Mumbai, India.

One of other variant photography for which Sandesh Jayakar provides help is Architecture Photography. Architectural photography includes Exterior and Interior Photography. There are many different industries such as IT, real estate, hospitality and commercial where architectural photography services are widely used. Professionally clicked architectural photographs benefit industries in numerous ways. Contractors use Building & Location Photography to show the infrastructure, open spaces, parking areas, interior spaces and many other facilities in the building. To create professional virtual tours in order to project the 360 views which they used on their websites. Hospitality sector uses architectural images on hoardings for local publicity. And print brochures for distribution amongst its corporate clients during presentations. No matter whether you just take Location Photography services or complete architectural photography services. The images should be professional and fulfills your business. 

Adding depth to a picture with little variance is also very important and we give realistic lighting to the object to give it a natural look and that is the reason that we are known as the top best home furnishing photography in Mumbai, India. Because every furniture has a different character and it is vital to highlight those characters through our camera. When we go for portfolio photography we believe that makeup has an added advantage to the face. Similarly, furniture also needs styling to enhance its beauty and presence in the room. Through keeping all these points in mind we try to do a tremendous job in the sphere of Furniture Photography. Because we believe in lively images which becomes the market value of our customers. The end result is precise, natural imagery, with a narrative focus—pictures that not only capture environments but the way we live and work within them. 

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