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Sandesh Jayakar is a Professional Advertising and Commercial photographer working for over 15 years. In this time he has worked for many major advertising agencies, design groups and direct to clients of all.


Master craftsman of the Year 2004, Award winner, He is trained to specialise in advanced Professional photography assignments around Products, People, Fashion, Glamour including advertising and editorials. He has interned with Vinay Mahidhar, a very successful commercial and advertising photographer based in Mumbai, India.

In addition to placing a priority on professionalism, he is also easy going with a sense of humor & welcome that clients enjoy the experience as well as receiving top quality work.

He has shot with Virat Kohli for American Tourister, Disha Patani for Hermosa Design Studio, Shaan for Happydemic, Suresh Raina for Ipol Lubricants, Chef Ranveer Brar for Philips, Yuzivendra Chahal for Acuvue, Celina Jaitley for Proactiv, Footballer Deco for Futsal, Preeti Jhangiani and many more.


A diverse range of clients such as Volkswagen, Jbl, Philips, Future Group, American Tourister, Bombay Dyeing, Polycab, Lavie, Abbott, Swiss Eagle, Lee Cooper, Redtape, Nilkamal, Metro, Barclays, and Morgan Stanley count on Sandesh"s uncommon vision, talent and technical expertise. When it comes to award winning advertising and product photography that meets the goals of the client, only Sandesh can deliver the excellence these leading brands demand. 

Explore Sandesh's Portfolio of still and motion images to view his work.



Advertising Photography is more than selling a product - it's an opportunity that lets a business get in front of millions of potential customers. The right product photographer inspires brand messaging with marketable ideas, technical excellence and a precise finished product, whether in stills or motion. Product and Lifestyle Photographer Sandesh Jayakar creates and produces expertly designed advertising campaigns, and positions himself as one of the best commercial advertising photographers in Mumbai and across the India. 

Excellence in still and Motion Photography

Sandesh Jayakar helps worldwide brands execute their messaging goals through compelling still and motion photography. Sandesh is involved with every aspect of each advertising campaign he manages, including location scouting, designing technically complex sets, selecting and styling talent, and retouching the final stills and videos edits. Sandesh's clients appreciate his refined advertising campaigns as well as the fun and friendly environment he fosters.

Every Sandesh Jayakar Photography advertising campaign highlights his creative vision and technical standards through relatable images that sell. Sandesh's ability to disseminate a brand's essence with his images make him one of the nation's most respected and sought-after directors. However, his equal skill at directing stills and motion media make him unique in the profession. Many respected brands and advertising agencies trust Sandesh Jayakar to share their stories with the world.


Sandesh Jayakar is known as an outstanding fashion photographer that has the ability to showcase luxury designer clothing and accessories for each brand he works with. He plans each meticulously styled image by using lighting schemes and turning every single photograph into an ode to the client's product. Sandesh handles every aspect from pre-production to editing the final images or video. He hand-selects each member of the team who works with him, who display the same exact standards, Every shoot Mark embarks on receives his personal touch and reflects his unmatched commitment to exceeding client's expectations.

Exceptional Eyes for Detail

Sandesh's many talents as a high-end fashion photographer include still photography, video and creative direction, a unique and desirable skill set sought by many fashion brands. He uses these to create amazing images for his clients. From handling the hiring of stylists and make up to taking care of any last minute production details, Sandesh makes it easy for clients to trust him to manage everything flawlessly. He makes each shoot enjoyable for everyone involved while producing photos and videos aligned perfectly with his client's desired message.

Portfolio and client 

Sandesh has worked with many celebrities, fashion brands from around the world and top names in the Fashion Industry. Photos from a Sandesh Jayakar fashion shoot presents a perfect mix of artistry and storytelling, His sophisticated understanding of the industry has elevated him to one of the leading fashion photographers.


Sandesh's beautifully executed still and motion photography are what makes him an excellent photography for commercial products. From idea creation to execution, Sandesh is passionate about developing beautiful images that speak to a country's brand and products. With over 13 years of experience as a commercial photographer, Sandesh has worked with many well-known clients. You can find Sandesh's work for companies such as Volkswagen, American Tourister, Philips, Future Group and more.

As a photographer for commercial brands, Sandesh understands that images need to feature your products while breathing new life into your brand. That's why he approaches every single shoot with a fun and energising attitude. He strives to make the most of every shoot, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

Full-Service Commercial Photographer

What sets Sandesh apart from other photographers in his tireless professionalism to capture images that evoke powerful moods, showcase a lifestyle and sell products. He also has the unique ability to function both as a still and motion photographer. he can seamlessly move from director of photography depending on the vision behind the shoot. 

The Sandesh Jayakar Photography team takes a comprehensive approach to all professional commercial photographer shoots. From creating storyboards to casting to set building, the team is there from start to finish to create photos that speak to your target audience,

If you're looking for professional commercial photographer, contact Sandesh Jayakar Photography today to discuss your next campaign.


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Sandesh Jayakar is a well-known celebrity photographer with experience in both studios and on location. He's an innovative thinker who approaches each shoot with a desire to create beautiful still or motion images. His experience spans over 17 years, and he's worked with a variety of campaigns that feature celebrities. Sandesh uses unique lighting and elegant backdrops to photograph celebrities like Virat Kohli, Disha Patani, Yuzivendra Chahal, Shaan, Ranveer Brar, Deco, Celina Jaitley. Jhangiani and more. 

As a professional entertainment photographer, Sandesh understands that it takes passion and organisation to photography celebrities. he has the creative vision to help put together a successful campaign and knows exactly how to bring our personality in each image.

Full Service Approach to Campaigns that feature Celebrities

Sandesh takes a full service approach to every shoot. Not only can he serve as a director and director of Photography, but he is also an expert at organising campaigns from start to finish. His team can create a set, bring in the right celebrities and style the entire shoot to stay consistent with a brand. 

Sandesh's fun and energetic  shoots make it easy for him as a celebrity photographer. He's passionate about helping celebrities relax in front of the camera to create beautiful photos that depict the essence of the celebrity and the product you're selling. If you're looking for a celebrity photographer, contact Sandesh Jayakar Photography to discuss your next project.


Sandesh Jayakar is a visionary beauty photographer devoted to creating  exceptional still and motion images. He has over 13 years of experience in the industry and his work spans the globe. Sandesh has worked with notable brands to craft cohesive images to enhance the brands. He works with the best team of Makeup Artists and Hair stylists.

As a beauty photographer, Sandesh uses of unique lighting opportunities to highlight particular products. After working with a diverse group of brands, the Sandesh Jayakar Photography team always has fresh ideas to bring to the table, while executing whatever the vision the client has in mind.

Beauty Photographer full service approach

What sets Sandesh Jayakar Photography apart is the dedicated team of individuals and Sandesh's passion, professionalism and attention to detail . Sandesh leaves no room for error. He is the creative director, helping guide the shoot in a stunning visual direction. The team handles all aspects of production including scouting, casting and styling. Sandesh and his team make sure to create a collaborative process with each and every client to make sure every single need is met. 

Sandesh's work isn't done there, though. He pours his energy and creative talent into post-production as well, making sure each still or motion image gets retouched and composited as needed. Sandesh Jayakar will make sure every image is elegantly designed, innovative and on-brand while showcasing the products you want to sell. Contact beauty photographer Sandesh Jayakar to discuss your next campaign,


Sandesh Jayakar plans, films and edits video for some of the world's most exclusive brands. While shooting commercials for companies, he tells that explains their unique appreal. Whether clients want to highlight their products or explore new ways to express their identity, Sandesh assists them with their goal, 

Artistic Vision

Sandesh enters every project with the same consistent focus. He wants to carry our the client's vision. he assembles a superlative team to help him with this goal. The commitment to photographer-client collaboration that Sandesh and his team show produce unparalleled videos, relying on sophisticated lighting techniques and other technical alertness.

Clients and Portfolio

Sandesh has been capturing video for brands for years, impressing clients with his natural eye for detail and ability to balance storytelling with focusing on the right message. 


Striking images tell the story of a healthcare brand. Photographer Sandesh Jayakar shoots stills and videos that display the energy of the many healthcare clients he has worked with. He can capture strong bodies, brimming with vitality and life, and determined faces working toward a tough but attainable goal.. Sandesh collaborates with his clients through every step of the process to achieve images and videos that exceed their expectations. He and his team handle every detail, from scouting locations to casting to post production. 

Clients and Portfolio

Clients including well-known national brands and top names in the healthcare industry recognise Sandesh's distinctive talents as a health and fitness photographer. His elegant, exceptional images and videos reflect Sandesh's consistent goal across every project - they convey the client's message in the exact way they need.

Hotel photographer

Sandesh Jayakar conceptualises and brings to life a creative vision for hotels that tells the story of their brand. As a photographer, he visualises polished images and videos that express what if feels like to stay in a luxurious hotel. Sandesh carries out every inch  of that vision with a hands-on approach and attention to detail that exceeds the expectations os so many clients. From assembling a team of talented stylists and designers to work with him to overseeing every part of the production, Sandesh executes his ideas flawlessly behind the camera.

Skill Set

Sleek, sophisticated spaces need a photographer with the ability ti showcase their elegance. Mark fosters a professional yet fun atmosphere where the client's message remains the top priority. 

Clients And Portfolio

Hotels from around the world have used  Sandesh's photography to capture the essence of their brand. His gift for communicating concepts and style though the right locations and cast allow hotel chains to express exactly what they want through their messaging. Sandesh listens to his client's preferences, making him one of the leading photographers of hotel brands, 


Sandesh Jayakar demonstrates a natural ability to capture the moments that make for natural, inhibited lifestyle photography shots. His shots bring out the personality of a brand by demonstrating its unique properties and allure. He works with a handpicked team who oversee every aspect of the production, from casting to hiring outstanding stylists and make up artists to set design. Sandesh is a collaborator in a true sense, lighting to his clients and keeping their needs top of mind while pursuing a vision they will appreciate for its imager and messaging value.

Stills and videos 

With experience as a lifestyle campaign photographer shooting both stills and video, Sandesh has a deep understanding of techniques and approaches that create the most striking imagery.  His distinctive touch is evident throughout the production process, from start to finish . He scouts the location and has a hand in everything up until the retouching and composing of the final image or editing of the video. Sandesh prioritises his client's satisfaction with the project. He consistently exceeds their expectations.

Client and Portfolio

Clients appreciate the care Sandesh takes with their brand and his dedication to doing things right while still having fun. As one of the top lifestyle photographers in the industry, Sandesh has enjoyed working for many of the best known brands in the business. 


Sandesh Jayakar is a creative thinker, a passionate photographer and a specialist in commercial automotive photography. With over 17 years of experience and clients such as Volkswagen, Sandesh works with well known brands that span the globe. He approaches every project with a desire to create stunning and motion images that enhance a brand's reputation,

Sandesh's distinct style focuses on unique lighting configurations to bring our different moods and styles. He has the ability to conceptualise a shoot and see it through completion,, even taking care of post production editing. As an automative photographer, Sandesh has experience working in a studio or scouting the perfect location that complements a car's exterior and interior.